My Life, My Dream, My Adventures!

It all started in the year 2000. Together with a group of individuals who love & appreciate natures, we decided to organize adventures’ trips i.e. mountain climbing, trekking, cycling; meant as a hobby to keep ourselves fit & energized. We then realized that many people don’t or rarely takes up these activities. We started to introduce and extend our activities to all walks-of-life that are daring to challenge and gain experience on the outdoor that will appreciate, know, preserve and love nature i.e. mountains, forest and rivers as well as nature’s secrets through the magical beauty of flora and fauna. In other words, we explore nature through the signs of the Creator!
Pactrex is my nick – derived from the words Pack & Trek – as I normally pack everthing I could and go for any trips without hesitation as long as its involved natures & outdoors. I took-up the hobby at the age of 35 after being introduced by Che Mat (my mentor) & Bro. Abduh (my buddy). The rest was history. My motto: “Do something that you love to do, rather than doing something that you are forced to do”. As for natures, I have this to say… “Whatever things in the universe are all God’s creations, natures are only a part of it, so explore them, as they are made by the Creator for us to ponder their existence…so lets dream, explore and experience the greatest creations from God to mankind….”

Gunung Tahan 2009 – Summit – Video

Gunung Tahan – Anak Tahan 2009 – Video

Gunung Tahan 2009 Bukit Botak – Video

Gunung Tahan 2008 – Video