Gunung Tahan

Gunung Tahan is one of my favorite mountains and also one of the toughest I’ve climbed so far. Since taking up the hobby in 2000, I’ve reached the summit 5 times – the last was in April 2009 with Team Santai.

Gunung Tahan is the highest point in Peninsula Malaysia standing at 2187 m above sea-level. It is situated in the state of Pahang, within the Taman Negara national forest, West Malaysia. There are 3 routes that you can take to reach the summit.


  • Via Sungei Relau, Merapoh, Kelantan
  • Via Kuala Tahan, Pahang (Taman Negara HQ)
  • Via Kuala Kor (Closed)

I was also told that some years ago, there were climbers who tried the route from Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu but I could not confirmed the source. However, by looking at the map, it should be possible but definitely the journey would be longer than the current routes and experience climbers are required.

So far, I’ve tried the following routes.

  • Merapoh to Kuala Tahan + Four Steps Waterfall (Transverse) – 9 days
  • Kuala Tahan to Merapoh (Classic) – 7 days
  • Merapoh via Merapoh – 4 days
  • Merapoh via Kuala Tahan (Santai) – 6 days


If you want to experience the best, this is one mountain that I highly recommend. You do not have to be a seasonal climber to conquer Mount Tahan, but you definitely have to be mentally prepared. As for your fitness level, it depends on the days you will be taking. You still have to train.

I really miss this mountain. I’m thinking of going back again… But this time around, I will bring my eldest son. As for the date, there’s no plan in mind at the moment; but definitely I shall return …..



Gunung Besar Hantu

Gunung Besar Hantu, also known as Gunung Antu Besar, is situated in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan, near the border of Pahang State, West Malaysia. Standing at 1,462 M above sea-level, it is the highest mountain in the State and is one of the mountains located at the tail end of the famous Titiwangsa Range of Peninsula Malaysia.

Trekkers have to travel to Kampung Chennah in Jelebu, via Kuala Klawang town in order to go to the mountain. At the village, four-wheel-drive vehicles will take you in a rough and bumpy roads until the Lata Kijang camp. Lata Kijang is one of the beautiful and highest single drop waterfalls in Malaysia.

The hike up to Kem Orkid is about 900 metres above sea level. The climbLata-Kijang-waterfall begins by scaling 339 steps at a slope that inclines about 80 degrees, from the Lata Kijang waterfall. It takes about 3 to 4 hours, negotiating the sometimes flat and occasionally steep slopes. Kem Orkid got its name from the numerous wild orchids growing around the camp which is sandwiched between two rapids. From the camp, the peak of Gunung Besar Hantu can be clearly seen.

Watch out for strong gusts of wind and slippery tracks in the final ascent. The presence of dwarf and bonsai plants indicates that the peak is close and the climb is almost done. The soothing panoramic view of areas in Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor makes the arduous climb worth every step.

Suggested Duration : Minimum 2D/1N , Maximum 3D/2N

Grading : Moderate to season climbers

*** This article was first published in February 2010 on my previous website.

Bicycle Touring from Singapore – Kuantan, Pahang – Singapore

The Photo Video on my recent Bicycle Touring Trip from Singapore / Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia / Singapore.

Duration 9D/8N from 31 January 2014 to 8 February 2014. A total of 730+ km were covered thus making it my longest ever ride.


Trip to Gunung Panti

The sight of Gunung Panti comes into view when one travels to Kota Tinggi Waterfalls. It beckons, inviting the adventurous to climb it. It peaks at an elevation of 485 meters. At a certain angle when viewed as one travels along the road, it appears to be capped with a huge boulder and the profile indicates a near vertical face on the left edge.

To access the base of this hill, drive from Kota Tinggi town towards Air Terjun (local malay word for ‘waterfall’).  There are sufficient road signage to point you in the right direction. Four miles out of Kota Tinggi town is a small village, Kampong Batu Ampat. Proceed straight on keeping a look out for signs that say Äir Terjun or Kota Rainforest Resort. The road in, is on the right, 50 meters before Kota Rainforest Resort which is approximately 8km from Kampong Batu Ampat. This dirt road that leads to the base is half a km long and on arrival you are greeted by a sign that says Hutan Simpan Panti (Panti Forest Reserve). Just follow the trail from this point onwards and you are on the right track when you cross a small stream bridged by a half sunken log.

The trail is clearly visible but unmarked and mostly runs along a ridge. The well worn trail is rutted from water erosion but is clear of underbrush. The forest floor is leave litter and offers good visibility. Keep a look out for leeches. The peak is indeed a rock face and ropes are in place for the short climb. Nature’s garden await you at the peak and your reward is a 360 degree view. The peak can be cloud covered and if a lightning storm brews, descend for your own safety. A light raincoat is essential to keep you and your day pak dry. Allow 2.5hrs for the climb and 2 hrs for the descend. Level of difficulty : Moderate.

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Allah knows better

One of my passions is blogging. I used to own several blogs for many years . But after they were unceremoniously infected by the so-called ‘virus’, all my writings were gone in a split seconds. One of my greatest mistakes is failing to back-up all my writings, only some of it that I shared on social media servers, remained. Then I decided to just shared my thoughts on social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. til today.

The urge of rekindle blogging on my own personal blog again surfaced this year. After much deliberation, I decided to continue what I loved most! These could be attributed to the newest passion of Bicycle Touring that started last year in September 2013. I wanted to keep on records what I’ve achieved and been through. It’s just to share my journey with others. Apart from it, I will also post all my previous adventures such as mountain-climbing, jungle-trekking, etc.

All links to my current websites will also be made available; and slowly I will migrate all contents to this blog. Hoping that my blog could help all outdoor enthusiasts, to at least get something from here to be part of their dreams…

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Jailani aka Pactrex